Season 2

#22 - Michelle Duncan-Wilson

This week I chat with Michelle Duncan-Wilson, the creator of Soul Work for Moms. We talk about her story of starting her own business and teaching herself how to start and host a podcast.

The Soul Work For Moms Podcast discusses ways to grow and evolve through the realities of mothering. The show includes practical tips from expert guests, and the opportunity to connect with real-life moms as they share their struggles and strengths.

#21 - Managing the tension of work/life

Have you ever felt like you can't quite fix the problem of work/life balance? This week, I debrief my interview with Seth Schaeffer, the founder of Hoptocopter Films. Seth shared a lot of great advice, but what stood out to me was the way that he approaches the issue of work/life balance. It's not a problem to solve -- it's a tension to manage. There is no wrong way to manage that tension, as long as you're being authentic and intentional about it.