#3 - Chris Capehart (The Upload Podcast Interview)

This week, I interview Chris Capehart, a serial entrepreneur, marketing executive, and author of the new book Step: Pursuing Your Dreams In The Midst Of Everyday Life. We talk about his experience writing the book, lessons he's learned participating in several startups, and practical hacks for pursuing your dreams.

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About Chris

Chris’ childhood was anything but typical. Instead of the usual after school activities Chris spent his free time working in the family startup business. 

That startup went on to gross over 200 million dollars. Chris got the education of lifetime before he had even started high school.

Over the years since, Chris has experienced success and failure in business. He's started or had ownership in over 10. Having lost his mother to suicide and father to cancer, his experience in defeating the odds reaches beyond the business world. 

Through the highest of highs and lowest of lows, Chris has learned a handful of principles that have shaped who he is and will become. As he likes to say, “We are always becoming someone.”

Chris is currently a part of one of the most innovative technology companies in the U.S. which recently had an app ranked #1 in the iTunes App Store.

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About the Book

Step is about reclaiming, pursuing and achieving those dreams in the midst of everyday life. In fact, the book was written to prove this very concept. The author used the principles you’ll learn about to write and launch Step while successfully doubling the size of a technology company, being the father to a two year old and the husband to his wife.

When you read Step you will start to dream again and if you are already dreaming you will be encouraged and equipped to continue the journey you're on.

Remember the mile may be long, but the step is short! 


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