#24 - Steven Barrie

This month, I catch up with an old friend of the show, Steven Barrie. We chat about his most recent creative pursuits, including his effort to get a book published by entering a contest on a unique Kickstarter-like website called Inkshares.

Here's how Steven describes his book, Squeaky Clean:

A golem opens a laundromat and leaves his bad guy days behind, but he’s in constant danger that all the water and detergent will turn him back to lifeless mud. Oh, and all the good guys with a score to settle know exactly where to find him.

If you'd like to support Steven, you can buy a copy of the book by October 31st. He needs at least 250 preorders to get publishing services from Inkshares. You can read more about the book, including a few preview chapters here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/squeaky-clean

About Steven


Steven is an instructional design consultant for a major financial services firm. On the side, Steven has a number of creative pursuits. He enjoys writing about animals, especially dinosaurs, cats, and birds. Steven lives in the Cincinnati area with his wife, chihuahua, and two cats.

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