#22 - Michelle Duncan-Wilson

This week I chat with Michelle Duncan-Wilson, the creator of Soul Work for Moms. We talk about her story of starting her own business and teaching herself how to start and host a podcast.

The Soul Work For Moms Podcast discusses ways to grow and evolve through the realities of mothering. The show includes practical tips from expert guests, and the opportunity to connect with real-life moms as they share their struggles and strengths.

About Michelle

Michelle is the founder of Soul Work For Moms: an online resource for mothers looking to grow personally and spiritually through motherhood. She’s been a mother since the age of 17 and can relate to any woman who secretly wonders if she's given up her own life by choosing to be a mom. Michelle’s passion is connecting with women who are struggling in motherhood and providing them with opportunities to connect with themselves and other women. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and three children during the school year, and in the summers the 5 of them can be found in San Francisco.

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