#15 - Libby Neder (The Upload Podcast Interview)

Libby Neder is a self-made wedding photographer in Denver, CO. We chat about how she got started, how she finds new clients, how she landed on a simple way to determine her rate, and much more.

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About Libby

Libby is a wedding photographer in Denver, CO. She's married and has one daughter. Libby believes in making her subjects look and feel the best they've ever looked and felt in front of a camera. She's done a variety of photography, but specializes in weddings. When she’s not taking photos, she keeps a side job bartending at a local Italian restaurant because she loves interacting with people.

Libby's Links

Personal site: http://libbyneder.com

Wedding site: http://libbynederweddings.com/

Facebook: http://facebook.com/libbynederphotography

Twitter: @libbyneder

Instagram: @libbyneder