Trailer - About The Upload Podcast

Launching 1/1/2016

Hi I'm Mike Groesser, host of the Upload podcast -- a conversation with creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers to help you move from dreaming to doing.

Whether you're an established, successful, creative entrepreneur or someone with a dream itching to get in the game, my goal is to help you move forward and share your gifts with the world.

There are a plethora of self-help resources out there already. My goal isn't to add to that already overwhelming inventory. Instead, through discussions with creatives at all stages of the process I hope to provide opportunities for all of us to learn from the experience of everyday people doing extraordinary things.

If you want to know what others like you have done right and wrong in the pursuit of creative endeavors, this is the podcast for you.

Every other week, I'll interview a creative entrepreneur, freelancer, or side hustler with an interesting story to tell. On alternating weeks, I'll pause to reflect on the previous interview and pull out some things I think we can learn from it.

I encourage you to join me in that conversation. You can visit the Episodes page to comment on each episode, or use the hashtag #uploadpodcast to join the conversation on Twitter.

This season, we have a strong and diverse lineup of interviews, including:

  • Amanda Wright, a successful blogger and Etsy store owner with some fantastic advice about how to get started and stay true to your unique personal brand.
  • Chris Capehart, a side hustler releasing his first book with some thoughts on balancing your creative pursuits with family and work.
  • Jeremy Green, the founder of a web development business about starting a small business from the ground up and finding your niche.

Additionally, this season, we'll chat with a pastor, an aspiring novelist, an artist, and a food blogger.

I hope you're excited to hear these inspiring stories and ready to chase your dreams like never before.