#20 - Seth Schaeffer (Interview)

This week I chat with Seth Schaeffer about starting Hoptocopter™ Films, balancing work and family, and even wardrobe choices. Seth shares some great lessons about finding your niche, hiring talented people to work with you, and defining success on your own terms.

About Seth


Seth has always had a passion for storytelling through music and film. As a child, he studied both classical and jazz piano as well as guitar, drums, and bass. As he entered into the professional world, he found his musical background paved the way for another form of expression: film.

In 2005, he launched Hoptocopter™ Films in his hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado. Since then, storytelling via film has led him to share and highlight the stories of a vast number of people, cultures, backgrounds, and industries. As a commercial film director, Seth has found that his favorite films are those that capture the honesty, humanity, and heart of a person or organization. Because of his unique approach to film, he has had the opportunity to collaborate on and/or direct countless commercial films with clients such as GEICO, Loki, Red Bull, Ducati, and Apple.

Most importantly, Seth is a proud father of two boys and a husband. He loves playing music with the family, mountain biking, and always learning something new. 

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