#18 - Erin Wood (Interview)

This week, I chat with Erin Wood about her experiences as a freelance editor, writer, and co-founder of a small publishing company.

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About Erin


Erin Wood writes and edits in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is editor of Scars: An Anthology (Et Alia Press, 2015), which assembles nearly forty contributors addressing self-mutilation, creating art, gender confirmation surgery, cancer, birth, brain injury, war, coming of age, pain, and love—all focusing on the central question of what it means to live with physical scars. Erin’s “We Scar, We Heal, We Rise,” was chosen as a notable essay in The Best American Essays 2013. Her work has appeared on anderbo.com, on Tales from the South, in The Healing Muse, and elsewhere. Erin owns and runs Et Alia Press with two partners and is a freelance professional writer, focusing primarily on fundraising writing for several clients and food writing for the Taste.Savor.Share Blog.

Erin's Links

Website: http://etaliapress.com

Scars: An Anthology
Et Alia Press LLC