#17 - Send me your stories and feedback

This week, I'm wrapping up Season 1 with a request of you, the listeners of The Upload podcast. I want to hear stories of how you've taken something you heard on this podcast and applied it.

Did you hear something on one of the interviews and decide to start approaching your side hustle differently? Or maybe you heard one of my debrief episodes and decided to apply one of the creative hacks. Whatever your story, I want to hear about it!

Send a note to mike@mikegroesser.com, or use your phone's voice recorder to record a quick clip and email that to me instead. Who knows? I might share or play part of your story during an upcoming episode.

I'm taking a short 2 week break, but I'll be back with a brand new interview on Friday, May 6th.

Thanks as always for your support -- I've enjoyed sharing these stories with you throughout Season 1, and I'm really looking forward to continuing the conversation in Season 2.