A fresh idea

You ever had a favorite shirt that eventually just didn't fit right? Maybe the it shrank (or you grew...). I've had several pieces of clothing like that over the years, and it's really frustrating. I'm the type of person that likes to wear clothes until they have holes and my wife throws them away when I'm not looking.  

I've been struggling for the past few months about what to do with my podcast. Nothing felt right. It was something that fit so well at first, but now with a lot of changes in my life (a toddler, new role at work, and more) it just hasn't felt right. It's not that I wanted to quit or that I don't like podcasting anymore -- I just couldn't find a way to love it enough to dedicate the time it takes anymore. 

But now (by golly) I think I have it! 

As I've mentioned before, I'm absolutely in love with listening to books on Audible. So much so that I've really fallen behind on my podcasts because I spend most of my free time listening to books instead. Yes, I do feel unfaithful to podcasts, but I can't stop. 

I also realized that the reflections I was doing fit better as a blog than an ongoing podcast. And that's when the idea hit me: Blog about my general reflections and create podcast seasons about my deeper reflections about books. 

Going back to the "onliness" exercise I did with Grace Flack, I realize that I have a much stronger statement now... "I'm the only podcast that reflects on my personal applications from books with multi-episode seasons." 

Most blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels that review books just give a 1 episode summary -- essentially a Cliff's Notes version. I'm not interested in that at all. I'm interested in thinking deeply about books, taking time to reflect, try out personal applications, and then share it all. Part of it is a way of giving back and making something that matters, and part is that it will force me to do something I've long intended: Stop and reflect on a book before moving to the next one. 

So, it won't be anytime in the immediate future because seasons take time, but before the end of the year I'll launch my first season on a book. I'll likely use the book I'm reading right now, Deep Work by Cal Newport. It's all about how to become better at focusing in a distracted world, and it's exactly what I need in my life right now. I'm trying out all sorts of things from the book and I can't wait to share them.