Three down, four to go

I'm continuing to make progress on interviews for the Upload podcast, which launches 1/1/16. I've completed 3 interviews and have 4 more to record (one was a late addition I couldn't pass up).

The first interview was a little rough. I had a hard time listening, asking questions, and preparing what I wanted to ask next all at once. But, I had a good conversation with a friend about it, and I got the idea that I should divide the main interview into distinct sections. I realized this is what great interviewers do -- It's why they say things like "I want to ask you about..." and make a transition to a new topic.

So I brainstormed what sections I'd want to ask my next guest and realized there are 4 main topic areas I wanted to ask each person: Early Days, Start, Beyond, and What's Next?

I don't specifically say those topic names during the interviews, but I do create an outline with them. Then I fill in questions and conversation points under them. It allows me to be in the moment and focus on one topic at a time without having to worry about where the interview is headed.

The difference during my next interview was HUGE. I'll continue to revise the process as I go, but I'm really excited about having a model I can use to lead these interviews well consistently.